Contact & Terms

Welcome to the Fair-Credit Baseball Website (hereafter FCB).  This site was created by Prof. Michael McBride of the Department of Economics at the University of California, Irvine, with the generous support of Steve Borowski.


The purpose of FCB is to promote the Fair-Credit statistics in baseball. It is an educational tool and resource meant to improve the appreciation of the sport of baseball and the FCB statistics.  Specifically, FCB:

  • Teaches users of the site to use and understand the fair-credit baseball statistics.
  • Publishes pre-calculated fair-credit baseball statistics.
  • Calculates fair-credit baseball statistics for users who supply their own play-by-play baseball data.


FCB data include SRC, OSWC, OGB winners, and event-trigger files and tables.  These were created or calculated by Prof. McBride.

All other baseball data on this website were obtained from, which is owned and operated by Sports Reference LLC, in compliance with its data usage policy.  Specifically, 


Users of FCB are welcome to enjoy the content of this website.  Users are allowed to reproduce and republish FCB data as long as they give explicit recognition to FCB.  Users who cite other baseball statistics found here must give explicit recognition to and Sports Reference LLC per their usage policy.


Users who have questions may contact Prof. McBride at