Fair-credit baseball statistics report each player’s fair share of credit for producing runs and wins in baseball. They are calculated using the Shapley Value — a concept from mathematical game theory that identifies the share of credit that each member of a team deserves for their contribution to a collaborative team production.

The fair-credit baseball statistics constitute the best holistic measures of offensive contributions that account for the collaborative nature of baseball. They are grounded in cooperative game theory, easy to interpret and use, and can be added to a box score to provide a better accounting of a game.

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UPDATE [29-Nov-2023]: Version 2020.1 SRC and OSWC calculations used only 1990-2020 MLB World Series, ALCS, and NLCS. Version 2022.1 SRC and OSWC calculations were made with machine learning. The most recent Version 2023.1 calculations extend the machine learning calculations to include up through the 2022 MLB season.

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