Follow the steps below to calculate SRC or OSWC for you own play-by-play data using this web sites SRC and OSWC calculator.

STEP 1. Prepare your play-by-play data in csv format.  See Instructions for Preparing your Files.

STEP 2. Choose and upload your csv play-by-play data file.

STEP 3.  Choose and upload your csv transition matrix file.

STEP 3.  Select the appropriate option and click the calculate button.

Play-by-play data:
Transition Matrix:

Calculation Output

Output will appear here.

Note that a teammate is listed at most once per half-inning no matter how many play events they had attributed to them in that half-inning because SRC lists their share of credit for the runs scored that half-inning. 

In general, SRC and OSWC should be calculated using a computer rather than by hand. However, it is possible to calculate SRC and OSWC by hand

Examples of Calculating SRC and OSWC by Hand

In some cases with a small number of players, it is possible to calculate SRC and OSWC by hand. These pages demonstrate how this can be done, and reviewing them is instructive.

How to Calculate SRC

How to Calculate OSWC

Warning! Although SRC and OSWC can sometimes be calculated by hand, it is preferable to use a computer for two reasons.

First, sometimes the calculation by hand is only possible if “null players” (i.e., players who never contribute or detract from scoring in all hypothetical states of the game) are removed, but null players are not always obvious. It is possible that you might remove a non-null player, and doing so will lead to an incorrect calculation of SRC or OSWC.

Second, the calculation of SRC and OSWC can involve many steps even for a small number of players, and having many steps means more opportunities for human error in the calculation.